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John and Jess Carrico, owners of NW Fitness Gym, say that they lost several gym members and an employee in advance of King County’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times) The new rule also applies to conferences and conventions, and any large outdoor gatherings with more than 500 people — though children under age 12, who aren’t yet eligible for a vaccine, are exempt.  So far, a day into the implementation of the rule, business owners have mixed feelings about the new requirement.  Many Seattle-area restaurant and bar owners were already requiring proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test for dine-in customers. And some leaders of Seattle museums and business owners are happy about the new measure that public health officials say could help slow the spread of the virus. But other Seattle businesses say they have already lost customers because of the vaccination requirement, and the owners don’t want another regulation that they claim hurts small businesses, especially at a time when they’re already struggling from issues like the labor shortage . Leonard Garfield, executive director of Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry, has been looking forward to the vaccination requirement and the effect it will have on the museum’s visitors.  Full coverage of the coronavirus here and around the world “We think the net effect will be that our visitors and our community will feel safer knowing that you could try these out everyone around them in that venue is fully vaccinated and ready to enjoy life knowing that they’re healthy and safe,” he said. Other museums, including the Burke Museum and the Wing Luke Museum, which won’t open until later this week, are also expecting everything to go smoothly for patrons.  Jeff Brein, who owns the Seattle-area movie theater group Far Away Entertainment, is also optimistic — but cautiously so — about the new regulation’s effects on his two Seattle movie theaters: Varsity Theatre in the University District and the Historic Admiral Theater in the North Admiral neighborhood.  He said Far Away Entertainment has been getting emails for the past four or five months from customers saying they won’t go back to movie theaters unless there is a vaccine policy. He’s hopeful that with the proof of vaccine requirement, movie theaters may see an increase in patrons. If that’s the case, Far Away Entertainment may consider introducing the mandate at theaters in other counties, or doing vaccine-only showtimes.  Some business owners, though, find here are already seeing negative consequences from the requirement.


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Armed with a Weaponized Chancla, Nothing Can Stop Captain ToonHead! Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space follows the eccentric narrative of one Elliott Salazar. After a horrific burrito-related explosion that wiped out his squad, it’s up to Elliot to save Earth from space jerks. Donning a TV helmet with a big hero costume, Elliot must post up defenses to battle his enemies with a variety of wacky weapons. From TurboMjölnirs to Elliot’s grandmother’s chancla, there’s no shortage of the essential goods when it comes to saving Earth. To see a decent sneak-peek into the world of Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space, check out the launch trailer right here. The footage is split into an old-school action cartoon coupled with rock n’ roll lyrics that detail the game’s plot. Elliot’s squad is killed by a burrito; Elliot equips his outrageous costume; Elliot’s grandmother tosses her chancla to her grandson; the main enemies are Voorhees and his P.U.N.K. Army; and it concludes with the title card before switching over to the gameplay. Elliot, now known as Captain ToonHead by his trustworthy computer, then dual-wields weapons to fight off waves in enemies in first-person view. Given that this is a VR title, you can expect some vibrant chaos coming your way when you have your headset on.


“Columbus has the most rich, diverse selection of fitness,” Goodman said. “I sort of took it as my mission to start getting out in the community, trying as many things as I can and telling stories, hoping that people can get connected to where they feel they can be successful.”  On the first of every month, Find Where You Fit posts an online guide to upcoming fitness events in the Columbus area, Goodman said. The site highlights recurring fitness classes, one-time events and Find Where You Fit exclusives, which have included dance battles, cycling for pride and working out with pumpkins. Goodman said she founded Find Where You Fit in 2018 and hosts about one event per month to keep the local fitness community motivated and consistently trying something new.    “I really just believe that everyone deserves to find a place where they can be active and feel both empowered and comfortable in that space,” Goodman said.  Charles Gibson, an inspirational speaker and self-employed fitness instructor through Charles Gibson Fitness , will be instructing this month’s Find Where You Fit event, “Fall Fitness on the Farm,” at 9 a.m. Saturday. Gibson said he has been teaching fitness classes for over two decades, including numerous methods of training such as spinning, kickboxing, yoga and TRX, a specialized form of suspension training. “We are going to use a pumpkin as our weight and as our resistance, and I’m hoping for people to challenge themselves and do something they’ve never done before,” Gibson said. “You are going to be around some like-minded, positive people who are looking to do something for themselves and for others.”  Goodman said the event will be held at Harrison Farms in Groveport, Ohio, and Find Where You Fit will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Flying Horse Farms charity , which provides camp experiences to children with critical illnesses. Tickets for the event can be purchased through Eventbrite .   “My mission is to inspire hope and change in people through fitness,” Gibson said.